Образовательные программы | 07.04.01 Architecture of residential and public buildings (full-time)
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07.04.01 Architecture of residential and public buildings (full-time)



Architecture of residential and public buildings - Master’s training program, characterized by obtaining a wide range of knowledge from the philosophical conception of the universe and the world processes to understanding the professional growth path in the development of the theory and practice of architecture, the role of the architect in design, creation and subsequent improvement of the artificial human environment.

The program graduate focuses on the design of both individual architectural objects and the organization of the settlement environment itself, as well as the development of conceptual projects for the prospective development of the human environment.

What to learn

  • to design a harmonious, comfortable and safe environment on the basis of research and comprehensive analysis,
  • to manage the design process, organize the design firm activity, mediate between the customer, the contractor and the local community,
  • to control the design process and implementation of architectural projects in close cooperation with the end user at all stages,
  • present and defend conceptual architectural projects in front of the professional community and the end user,
  • carry out a critical analysis and evaluate the methods and results of architectural activity as a sphere of scientific knowledge.

Possible profession after study

  • Architect, Architect Designer, Architect Urban Planner;
  • Landscape Architect, Landscape Designer;
  • Accessible Environment Designer.

Key disciplines

  • Design and Training Profile Study
  • Research Methods in Architectural Science and Practice
  • Modern Means of Life Support of Architectural Objects
  • Modern Information Technology in Designing
  • Professional Architectural Practice
  • Sociology of Architecture
  • Design and study of the artificial environment
  • Conceptual Design and Research

Study language

  • English

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Department of International Educational Activity
Phone: +7 (3822) 76-00-34
E-mail: iir@tsuab.ru
Contact person: Solomonova Marina Mikhaylovna
Особенности программы
2 year
Master's degree