Institute for International Affairs and Internationalization of Education


                                                                            Welcome to our Institute!


Institute for International Affairs and Internationalization of Education is a Department of Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building (TSUAB) which allows TSUAB to reach a leading position in the field of international Architecture and Building education.

                                                                                    OUR MAIN TASKS:

In the Education field

• supporting of educational process for foreign citizens on Russian language at primary and secondary education programs, including combined educational programs and programs of academic mobility;
• organization and provision of training in the disciplines of "Russian as a foreign language" for all categories of foreign students;
• organization and provision of additory paid educational programs in the field of language proficiency;
• organization of foreign students trainings in accordance with the FSES main curriculum;
• organization of training and advanced trainings for lecturers staff of the Institute;
• development and introduction of new methods and technologies of teaching on foreign language;
• development of a regulatory framework, organizational, technological and educational support of the educational process for full-time and part-time (distance) form of learning.

In Scientific Research field:

• scientific and scientific-methodological research including of commercial contracts;
• the development of relations with domestic and foreign organizations, industrial enterprises, companies interested in the training of foreign personnel.

In the International Cooperation field:

• marketing research of the international market of educational services field;
• expansion of academic and scientific contacts with Russian and foreign educational institutions;
• development of promotional materials concerning educational programs and courses information;
• improving of the University image as one of the leading universities of the architectural and construction sphere of the Russian Federation;
• providing of academic exchanges for students and lecturers;
• organization of foreign citizens and delegations reception at the University with the educational and scientific and technological intentions.

In the Social shere and non educational activity:

• organization of social activities aimed at maintaining and developing of multilingual multicultural field at the University;
• organization of socio-cultural, psychological and pedagogical support of foreign citizens in the new socio-cultural and educational conditions;
• regulation of the legal relationships between foreign students and the internal affairs bodies (MIA, Federal Migration Service, FSD) and the student government;
• ensuring the learning conditions for students,that meet the relevant requirements;
• interaction with structural departments of the University for the organization of educational, social work in the dormitory.



Dr. Tamara G. Danilova

Head of the Institute for International Affairs

and Internationalization of Education



1999 – 2004 Philosophy Department National Research Tomsk State University (Major: Political Science)

2001 – 2003 Personnel Development Centre (Major: English Interpreter)

2009 – Member of Russian Union of Young Researchers

2011 – PhD of Philosophy. 

International education programs participation:

2009 – TEMPUS

2010 – 7-th Framework programme (Marie Curie Action)

2011 – Erasmus Mundus

Career enhancement trainings:

2006 – “Higher educational establishment management” (St. Petersburg)

2008 г. – “Methodological basis of innovative education activities” (St. Petersburg)

2008 – “Competences approach in educational programs design” (Tomsk)

2010 – language training course Charles University, Prague (Czech Republic)

2010 –  participation in EAIE conference (Europe Association for International Education), Copenhagen (Denmark)

June, 2010 January 2011, June 2011 – sharing experience (academic exchange programs for students), Technical University of Vienna (Austria)

2012 – language training course, Technical University of Berlin (Germany)

2013 – “Organization of International Credentials Recognition at the University” (St. Petersburg)

Foreign languages:

English – Upper-Intermediate level

Elena M. Khrapova,

Expert of Institute for International Affairs

and Internationalization of Education



2002 - 2007 - Philological faculty, Romano-Germanic Department of Tomsk State University, Major - Philology

2004 - 2006 -  Additional Degree in Translation Science and Practice 

Career enhancement trainings:

2008 - International legal regulations and practice in admission and issuing educational documents upon cross-border educational trajectories (Moscow)

2009 - Regulatory basis of legalization of academic degrees. Peculiarities of recognition practice in the Russian Federation and other countires" (Moscow)

2009 - Basics of recognition of educational documents (St.Petersburg)

2009 - Evaluation of educational documents in the field of Immediate analysis of educational documents (St.Petersburg)

2011 - Essential issues of recognition of international and Russian educational documents (Krasnoyarsk)

2013 - University organisation of recognition of international education or a degree (St. Petersburg)

Foreign languages:

English - Upper Intermadiate level

German - Elementary level


 +7 (38 22) 65-35-80

Solyanaya sq., 2

Building 3, office 407,

634003, Tomsk, Russia